Tuesday, September 22, 2015

RSO Merchandising: It's time to change the game!

Hello world!  My name is Othello Bell and I am the President and CEO of RSO Enterprises.  My documentation in this field includes, but is not limited to, a B.A. in Business Management and Marketing, over 20 years of relationship marketing experience and I have created and developed several small business opportunities all based on high level training, unparalleled support and teamwork personified.  With that being said, I have never been more excited about my position and role in a company than I am about heading up this division in the RSO Group.  This company is more than just a business, it's personal and it has been 35 years in the making!  RSO Enterprises is going to create jobs, change lives and make a social and financial impact not just nationally but globally all starting with our initial apparel and fitness line very appropriately named "HATEWORTHY"!  Are YOU?

Othello E. Bell Sr.
RSO Enterprises