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Childhood Friends Come Together to Form Premier Consulting Firm

June 22, 2015
Lexington, KY – Stanley Muhammad remembers the very first time he met Othello Bell and Rob Cannon in 3rd grade at James Lane Allen Elementary in Lexington, Ky. From their very first conversation the 3 of them hit it off.

"From that point on," according to Othello,"through junior high at Leestown until graduation from Brian Station Sr. High every one says we were like 3 peas in a pod."

After highschool the 3 best friends split up for a while. Stanley attended college in Florida, Othello went to E.K.U. in Richmond and Rob stayed in Lexington for a while and took classes at U.K. "We didnt always stay in touch," said Rob,49. "In fact, except for the last 5 years or so there were long stretches where we communicated extremely infrequently and almost never got together as a group."

However, time and distance could not break the childhood bond formed almost 40 years ago. A meeting last year at a cousin's wedding brought the 3 old buddies together long enough to inspire the determination to never be separated again. It took a year but the long awaited result of that meeting is The RSO Group, Inc.

The combined experiences of the 3 business partners in Sales, Marketing, Technology and Promotions has made The RSO Group an important player in the Business Consulting Industry on 2 sides of the country. The 3 say they have plans to change the world and even describing the RSO Group as a consulting firm is a little limiting. "We want everyone to know that even though most would say life should be winding down for us now, Our story is still being written." According to Muhammad, "I don't really think we've done our best work or even gotten to the good part yet."

About The RSO Group, Inc.

The RSO Group has offices in Phoenix, Arizona as well as Lexington and Louisville. The corporation specializes in small business consulting, Non_profit promotions, new product development and social media marketing. Its mission statement puts a strong emphasis on promoting positive community development initiatives before simply maximizing profit.

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